May 26, 2016

Secret Sisters

Get to know new dancers and make new friends via our Secret Sister program.

Did you have a SECRET PAL when you were young?  Would you like to have one again?  Is she short, tall, sassy, or reserved.  What’s her favorite color, and her favorite COMBO?

Make a new friend through Secret Sisters.

Here’s what you do:

Bring a wrapped gift to registration.  Drop it off, and receive a gift in return.

The gift can be anything…a poem, a book, belly costuming, something you baked, artwork, a CD of your favorite shimmy music.  It does not have to be expensive, or even something you purchased.  Perhaps it is one of your belly bracelets that has good juju that you would like to pass on.  Re-gifting is okay!  Just make it something you would like to receive, not the hip scarf your dog chewed up (obviously).


  • Your name
  • Troupe name and where you are from
  • A picture… because we had some trouble finding each other last year…
  • Your email, and your Facebook name, so your sister can keep in touch with you!
  • Also include some fun information about yourself if you wish…your favorite belly song, the name of your favorite combo, favorite color, birthday, something you love/hate..anything goes.  Remember Beat the Heat is all about CONNECTION with your fellow dancers!

Everyone will be given a name tag at Beat the Heat so you will have the whole day to hunt around to find your Secret Sisters.  (Yes, you get two sisters!  The one who picks YOUR gift…and the one whose gift you picked.  Woohoo!)

So there you go…two new friends…SECRET SISTERS…easy peasy.