May 12, 2018


Odds and Ends and This and That

Are you having trouble combining moves? Layering giving you problems? How about adding texture to the dance? What about dancing between moves and using the stage? Well this workshop is for you!

This workshop will focus on technique by focusing on the difference between skeletal vs. muscular moves, counter moves and kinetic energy to make you a stronger and more elegant dancer. Rajani will show you some new dance combinations and graceful traveling moves to help you use your space beautifully.

About Rajani
Several years ago while in Bisbee Arizona, sitting in the balcony with her feet on a chair, drinking a cup of coffee and celebrating a birthday,  I looked out and said this would be a heck of a town for an event.  A discussion with some dancers that had indicated that traveling for dance workshop was beyond their financial ability and etc, an idea popped into my head.  Why not have an event, which will be affordable to all? 
And since it was my birthday, I thought “why not throw my belly dancing sisters a huge party?”  I then contacted a couple of local dancers and asked if I could invade their town.. THEY said yes!  And so the first Beat the Heat was born.  Unfortunately, after the 2nd year I was unable to continue the event, but WHY NOT BELLYDANCE asked to pick it up and now here we are.
I have danced for over 33 years, taken lots of workshops and have performed in places that I still to this day don’t understand what I was thinking; however, I have never meet dancers like I have thru Beat the Heat. 
I continue to train dancers, and host weekend intensives at my home.  I cant imagine my life without dancing, as my flamenco teacher told me once. “its in your blood”