May 12, 2018



Soft & Sharp: Eye-Catching Isolations and Slinky Moves

Looking for something new to spice up your dance this fall?

Take your bellydancing from sweet to sizzling with Hilary Monseif’s “Soft and Sharp: Eye-Catching
Isolations and Slinky Moves!”
Exploring deliciously slow movements and shockingly powerful punctuations, this class will help you pair
isolation and stylization. Whether you want to be dynamite on the dance floor, or you prefer a sultry,
snake-like feel, these combinations have something for everyone!

(This class is appropriate for all levels of experience, and all styles of bellydance.)


About  Hilary
Hilary’s parents let her dress up as Princess Jasmine one year for Halloween, and her fate was sealed.
Many years and many sets of harem pants later, she finally took her first bellydance class in 2007 and
has never looked back.

Even though her pet Labrador ate her favorite pair of dancing shoes, Hilary still dances as often as she
can, and hopes that you do, too. She believes in the healing power of glitter and she is still patiently
waiting on her letter from Hogwarts.