May 12, 2018


Drumming for Belly Dancers

Drumming live successfully for belly dancers means knowing the drum, the playing technique, the rhythms, and many little adjustments to the drum circle that together add up to a significantly better performance for the dancers and the audience. This workshop will not only teach you how to drum but how to dance to drum via the unspoken communication between dancers and drummers. You don’t need to own a drum to take this class, but if you have one, please bring it and Marceau will tune yours for you. This class is for drummers AND dancers!

About Marceau
Marceau has been drumming as a part of drum circles for belly dancers for two decades, taught over 200 students since March 2003, and played professionally about a hundred times since March 22, 2005.  He is currently the lead drummer for Dreams of Arabia, the Phoenix-based live music and belly dance ensemble led by Mahin.  He uses many years of professional business training experience to ensure that the students enjoy and learn!