May 12, 2018


African Inspired Dance
Instructor: Sherry Fragosa
Learn some new dance steps inspired by the full body movements of African Dance. We will practice the full body undulations that layer over many of the movements and add fun arm and footwork. You’ll walk away with moves you can fuse into upbeat choreographies, a love for African dance, and inevitably a bit of a dance workout! We encourage you to wear sneakers and bring plenty of water.
About Sherry-
Sherry Fragosa started her dance instruction and dance career with Domba! in 2004. The world fusion style of her mentors influenced her love for bellydance, bhangra, bollywood, and african dance. Since 2006 she began teaching dance, along with choreographing and performing with Aashiyaana World Dance, focusing on bellydance, indian and hiphop styles. Over the years she has been blessed to dance with many dancers, and learn from them and many others. Her student troupe is Les Bon Temps, meaning “Good Times”, and they dance bellydance, bhangra, bollywood and african styles. Her classes and performances tend to be upbeat, high energy pieces as she loves to bring smiles to the faces of her students, her dancers and her audience.