Beat the heat deets

Come on up to Prescott August 24th - 25th 2018 and join us for some dance fun!
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Evening Performance

Free and open to the public – show starts at 7pm on Saturday August 25th in the Holiday Courtyard on Whiskey Row.

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Workshop Offerings

Enjoy your connection and inspiration with your belly sisters!

Drills and Thrills: A Sassy Layered Workshop

During this fun-filled hour Tierza will take you on a challenging yet liquid journey in refining your isolations, shimmies, footwork and layering. Sharpen your cabaret and tribal fusion dance skills with the concise breakdown of fundamental traditional movements and fun new sassy layers guaranteed to give you some new and exciting tools for your next performance!
Tierza began to dabble into belly dancing attending American Cabaret style classes as well as Tribal Belly dance (w-Paulette D’Reese/ Gypsy Caravan). This became the foundation to what would later become Vajra Dhara Dance and Tierza’s own unique style of performance.

African Inspired Dance

10:15- 11:15
African Inspired Dance with Sherry Fragosa. Learn some new dance steps inspired by the full body movements of African Dance. We will practice the full body undulations that layer over many of the movements and add fun arm and footwork. You’ll walk away with moves you can fuse into upbeat choreographies, a love for African dance, and inevitably a bit of a dance workout! We encourage you to wear sneakers and bring plenty of water.
Sherry Fragosa started her dance instruction and dance career with Domba! in 2004. The world fusion style of her mentors influenced her love for bellydance, bhangra, bollywood, and african dance. She now teaches and performs with Aashiyaana World Dance, focusing on bellydance, indian and hiphop styles.

Soft & Sharp: Eye-Catching Isolations and Slinky Moves

10:15- 11:15
Looking for something new to spice up your dance this fall?   Take your bellydancing from sweet to sizzling with Hilary Monseif’s “Soft and Sharp: Eye-Catching Isolations and Slinky Moves!” Exploring deliciously slow movements and shockingly powerful punctuations, this class will help you pair isolation and stylization. Whether you want to be dynamite on the dance floor, or you prefer a sultry, snake-like feel, these combinations have something for everyone!   (This class is appropriate for all levels of experience, and all styles of bellydance.)
Hilary’s parents let her dress up as Princess Jasmine one year for Halloween, and her fate was sealed. Many years and many sets of harem pants later, she finally took her first bellydance class in 2007 and has never looked back.  

Mix and Munch

11:15 – 12:30
During this 45 minute lunch break we will circle up around the “imaginary campfire” for a shared art project and mini-rap session that will allow us to connect, focus, and get to know each of our dance sisters and brothers a little better. No charge for this gathering, bring your lunch OR purchase some yummies on site from our amazing food vendor Ms. Naturals.
Informal and friendly way to spend a little group time to get to know each other better.
Enjoy the lunch you bring, or purchase some yummy healthy lunch from Ms. Naturals on site.

Bellyshare: Five lighting session combos

12:30 – 1:30
This fast paced fun sharing session will feature 5 mini vignettes. Picture this… one teacher/troupe takes the stage and teaches you their new favorite combo. Then the next and so on (times five). Walk away with a group of short accents from your dance sisters that will expand all of our repertoires.
Yasmina Parker
Pamela Hopkins
Heather Hawkins
Mahin and
Why Not? Bellydance

Odds and Ends and This and That

1:45 – 2:45pm
Are you having trouble combining moves? Layering giving you problems? How about adding texture to the dance? What about dancing between moves and using the stage? Well this workshop is for you! This workshop will focus on technique by focusing on the difference between skeletal vs. muscular moves, counter moves and kinetic energy to make you a stronger and more elegant dancer. Rajani will show you some new dance combinations and graceful traveling moves to help you use your space beautifully.
I have danced for over 33 years, taken lots of workshops and have performed in many places; however, I have never meet dancers like I have thru Beat the Heat. I continue to train dancers, and host weekend intensives at my home. I cant imagine my life without dancing, as my flamenco teacher told me once. “its in your blood”

Drumming for dancers

1:45 – 2:45
Drumming live successfully for belly dancers means knowing the drum, the playing technique, the rhythms, and many little adjustments to the drum circle that together add up to a significantly better performance for the dancers and the audience. This workshop will not only teach you how to drum but how to dance to drum via the unspoken communication between dancers and drummers. You don’t need to own a drum to take this class, but if you have one, please bring it and Marceau will tune yours for you. This class is for drummers AND dancers!
Marceau has been drumming as a part of drum circles for belly dancers for two decades, taught over 200 students since March 2003, and played professionally about a hundred times since March 22, 2005. He is currently the lead drummer for Dreams of Arabia, the Phoenix-based live music and belly dance ensemble led by Mahin.

Evening Performance

7 pm in the Holiday Courtyard
This year’s theme is Outlaw Dimensions: BUBBLES. Performance spots will again be chosen lottery style! Why? Just ask our Fairy Godmother Rajani and she will say….Beat the Heat isn’t just for the elite…it’s a place where EVERYONE gets an equal chance to perform! Click below for application.
In the Holiday Courtyard and open to the public. A spectacular creative interpretation of this year’s theme…
Outlaw Dimensions: Bubbles

Raves from previous beat the heats

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